Running Routes

All outdoor workouts are member-led. All participants accept full responsibility for their own actions and safety.

  • Know your long run pace per km so groups can be formed that will stay together.
  • As in any group workout, some athletes might have to sacrifice a little pace in order to enjoy the benefits of the group environment.
  • Make sure to bring enough fluid/food plus have access to a cell phone.
  • If required, please share transportation to minimize vehicle use.

Possible Routes:

The following are running routes that start and finish at the Wellington Village Bridgehead, home to our Sunday runs. Click on the street description to see a map.

10kmByron>Woodroffe>Parkway(south)>Island Park>Scott>Caroline
12.8kmByron>Woodroffe>Parkway(south)>Remic Underpass>Parkway(north)>Parkdale>Tunney's>Caroline
15.5kmByron>Woodroffe>Parkway(south)>Lincoln Station>Parkway(north)>Bayview>Scott>Caroline
20kStudio, Downtown, Farm
20kStudio, West Pkwy, Farm
21kWest End Trans Can.Trail *
from A.H. Park
23kLac Leamy Loop


Other options:

Gatineau Park
Mer Bleu
Pine Grove
Shirley's Bay
Watt's Creek