November 2017
- The board met late in the month to work on the initial grant program and set a target launch date of late January 2018.

July 2017
- We are very excited that Ottawa Fit Ltd has decided to donate the Ottawa Running Club to Sole Responsibility. The club was run and insured by OFL since its founding in 2007. Every year the club would take 100% of the funds raised through the $60/year membership and donate it to charitable causes.  Sole Responsibility was one of it's greatest benefactors.  Now, the ORC is part of SR!  It will be our principle fundraising method moving forward.

May 2017
- With our application accepted and a new sense of purpose, we formed a new board and had our first meeting.  The work now commences to relaunch Sole Responsibility in January 2018!

December 2015
- Sole Responsibility applies to change its principle purpose from a focus on shoes to a focus on supporting physical activity opportunities for children in low income neighbourhoods.

April 2014
- The 2013 shoes have arrived in Rwanda! With over 72,000 refugees living in Rwanda, the UNHCR is very appreciative of the support of Sole Responsibility and those who generously donated their gently used shoes and a toonie for shipping. 
- The 2014 collections are getting underway! Expect to see collection boxes at Bridgehead locations starting May 5th. Plus we'll be at the Ottawa Race Weekend registration again, as per tradition!
- After 8 years of hauling and sorting shoes at their warehouse, Bridgehead staff can relax this year as shoes will be handled by Dymon Storage. Local charities can collect the shoes they need from Dymon Storage and the 2014 shipment overseas to a UNHCR refugee camp will be sorted and packed at Dymon Storage as well. A HUGE THANK YOU to Bridgehead staff for their enthusiasm and assistance in working with Sole Responsibility!!!!
- Sole Responsibility is winding down and consolidating operations with our sister charity Soles4Souls. It makes good sense since we both share the goal of providing shoes to those in need. Check out their website for further information at
- We salute The Ottawa Triathlon Club for their financial support over the past 4 years. The generous donation of their annual registration fees enabled Sole Responsibility to pay for the overseas shipments to refugee camps. So many have benefitted from the The Ottawa Triathlon Club's involvement with our charity!!

Winter 2013
- Abitibi in Northern Quebec is collecting shoes for us this year! 
- The Cataraqui Conservation Authority in the Kingston is helping recruit collectors in their region.
- Soles4Souls will again be contributing shoes from their collections this Spring to top up our shipment.
- Sole Responsibility is now an official charity! Financial donors can now receive a tax receipt for their contribution!

Fall 2012
- After enormous efforts by many, our 2012 collection is now being distributed to refugees in Africa.  Special thanks goes to our new partner charity, Soles4Souls. Not only did they contribute thousands of pairs of shoes, they also helped to sort and pack them!  We're very excited about the future of this tremendous relationship.  See our photo album.
Thanks to the 8th Ottawa Brownies for collecting shoes for us!

March, 2012
We're very pleased to announce that we'll be partnering with Soles for Souls Canada for the 2012 Collection.  Started in 2010 in Kelowna, BC, S4S is the Canadian arm of the famous American charity.  Their national goal in 2012 is to collect one million pairs of shoes!  They will be helping us by donating some of their collection to aid in our reaching our 2012 goal.
UNHCR Designates Yemen as Destination for 2012 Collection. We have just received word from our contacts at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and they have designated our upcoming collection for distribution to Somali refugees in Yemen.  Overall, in Yemen the total population of concern is 508,355. 

March 26, 2012
- 2011 Collection Arrives in Djibouti: The shoes have arrived in Djibouti and they have provided a few photos of the distribution so far in the Ali Addeh Refugee Camp.  As a consequence of armed conflict, insecurity, violence, poverty and natural disasters in the East and Horn of Africa region, Djibouti has become an important country of passage for migratory movements.  Thousands of asylum-seekers mixed with economic migrants enter or pass through Djibouti on a regular basis. Identifying people with protection needs in these flows remains a daunting task for UNHCR and the authorities.  Continued fighting between Islamist insurgents and the Transitional Federal Government in south and central Somalia and the drought and famine which are currently affecting parts of the Horn of Africa region, have brought the number of Somali arrivals in the country to some 800 a month, representing a considerable increase.    The total population of concern right now is about 16,000 people.  See our photo album.

September, 2011
Rattle Me Bones: We will be collecting shoes (and toonies!) at the race registration kit pick-up at The Ottawa Hospital's General Campus (Critical Care Wing), 501 Smyth Road, on Friday, October 21st (4 p.m. - 8 p.m.) and Saturday, October 22nd (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.).
Race Weekend: We collected 500 pair at the Capital Race Weekend. We collected about 1000 pair through our retail sites.  Thanks to MEC, Bushtukah and Bridgehead. 
- Business: Bentall's at The World Exchange Plaza did a collection too! They didn�t count the number of pairs of shoes, they weighed them. Overall they diverted 144.6 lbs. from landfill!
- Schools: Some shoe collecting and some art creation took place at Philemon Wright High School in Quebec.  They collected hundreds of pairs. 

January 2011
- Here is the distribution report from UNHCR for our 2010 shipment:  On the 29th of September 2010, two thousand four hundred (2400) used donated shoes were received by UNHCR in Osire refugee settlement. The donated shoes were given to Africa Humanitarian Action (AHA), an International NGO working as Implementing partner to UNHCR for the activities of protection and mixed solutions. A meeting was conducted with Africa Humanitarian Action, UNHCR and Refugee Committee on the selection of the people of concern who could be beneficiaries from the donation.  The distribution assignment was given to the Community Development and Social Services Unit of AHA. Distribution started in mid December 2010 so that the people of concern get the shoes for the New Year.  The distribution started with 2000 shoes and was distributed to people with specific needs as follows:
(i) Widows and widowers;
(ii) Orphans and other vulnerable children;
(iii) Single mothers;
(iv) People with disability;
(v) Elderly;
(vi) Unaccompanied and separated children;
(vii) Albinos, blind people and mutes; as well as
(viii) Athletics sports group.
- Nine hundred seventy six (976) pairs were distributed to people with specific needs, orphans and other vulnerable children. 
- Forty- eight (48) pairs were given to the refugee committee
- Four hundred and thirty four (434) were distributed to different sport codes under the unit of sports for tournaments and events. 
In January 2011, Four hundred and Eighty two (505) pairs were distributed
- Three hundred forty two (385) were distributed to the needy community 
- One hundred twenty (120) were distributed to people with specific needs. 

September 30, 2010
- 2010 Shipment Arrives in Namibia: We received a confirmation today via email:
UNHCR Namibia would like to confirm that the shipment of 4,000 donated good, used running shoes finally arrived in Osire on Wednesday, 29 September 2010. As promised we would take pictures during distribution to persons of concern and also while in use in the various sports activities and forward them to you once available. On behalf of the population of concern, we would like to express our gratitude for your continuous support in thinking of Osire in terms of donations and fund-raising activities. Warm regards. 
Antonius Kamerika, Assistant Programme Officer, UNHCR Namibia

May 5, 2009
- Why We Are Sending Your Shoes to Cameroon: Here is an update on Cameroon from our friends at UNHCR:
"Cameroon hosts 81,037 refugees principally from the Central African Republic (CAR) as well as some 3,000 asylum-seekers. While 62,919 refugees from CAR reside in rural east of the country, in Adamaoua and along the Cameroon's border with the CAR, some 10,000 refugees of different nationalities live in the urban areas of Douala and Yaound.   Refugees from the CAR are mainly Mbororo nomadic cattle herders who have been arriving to Cameroon in several waves since 2005. They fled insecurity and relentless violence of rebel groups and bandits who kidnap their women and children for ransom and steal their cattle. Most of the Mbororos crossed the border on foot carrying their few remaining possessions. Only few of them managed to save their cattle, now grazing in Cameroon. Others lost everything."

April 7, 2009
- "It's Amazing How Much Joy a Pair of Shoes Can Bring", from Maseru West, Lesotho.  The shoes arrived and were delivered last week Thursday.  It was a great morning.  Singing and dancing is how they say thanks and there was quite a bit of that....The Lesotho High Commission in Ottawa is organizing a shipment for June.  They will take more shoes if you have them....It is amazing how much joy a pair of shoes can bring.  Editor's note: SR sent 100 pairs of shoes to Lesotho in January.
January 28, 2009
- Sole Responsibility Shoes Arrive in Kigali, Rwanda: Almost 200 of Kigali's most vulnerable urban refugees gathered at the African Humanitarian Action (AHA) office in Kimihurura District to receive shoes donated by Sole Responsibility, a non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The organization was founded by a group of runners in Canada's capital who wanted to donate gently used shoes overseas. The shipment of 3,835 pairs of shoes, which arrived in late 2008, included something for everyone.  Women with their children, young students and grandparents with their kin arrived at the AHA office early in the morning to place their name on a list that would ensure they received a pair of shoes. The group waited patiently in the shade of the veranda until 10am, when names were called for people to choose a pair for themselves, or a member of their extended family.   "These shoes are very nice," exclaimed Aimee, a big smile gracing her youthful face as she clutched a pair of pink shoes. "These are too small for me, but my little sister will be able to wear them. I hope she likes them."  As only one pair was given to each head of household, some refugees exchanged shoes with others in order to get the size, style or color they found most appealing.  In all, 209 pairs of shoes were handed out in Kigali. The remaining 3,626 were divided up and distributed to refugees in Gihembe, Nyabiheke and Kiziba camps. UNHCR Rwanda greatly appreciates the support from Sole Responsibility, and thanks all those who donated their old shoes. Attached to this report are photos from the urban distribution.  Rwanda currently hosts 55,941 refugees, the majority of which hail from the DRC. Refugees reside in four camps (Kiziba, Gihembe, Nyabiheke and Kigeme) and are registered in two Transit Centers (Nkamira and Nyagatare). Almost 2,400 urban refugees reside in the city of Kigali. Aside from the Congolese caseload, there are 2,000 refugees from Burundi, and a handful from other African countries such as Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.
February 20, 2008
- Update: 2007 Shoe Collection Nears Destination: The shoes were successfully shipped from Ottawa on June 21st and have made it to the border of Chad , after sitting in customs for two months.  The recent unrest in and around the final destination of N'Djamena has caused some further delays. There have been a series of armed attacks on UNHCR and other aid agencies in the region.  It is anticipated by the shipper that the shoes could move into Chad as early as the beginning of March.  We will continue to provide updates on the arrival of the shoes.
April 20, 2007
- Sole Responsibility Launches 2007 Shoe Collection Campaign: Third annual campaign for local runners to provide shoes to Darfur refugees
Until May31st, Sole Responsibility, a local non-profit organization, will collect used running and walking shoes throughout the city and at the Pfizer Sports Expo at the Ottawa Race Weekend. These gently used shoes will be provided to refugees from Darfur. Sole Responsibility is asking for a donation of two dollars with each pair of shoes to help offset shipping costs.   “This is an easy way for everyone in Ottawa to show support for the refugees from Darfur and the grave situation they find themselves in”, said Sole Responsibility’s Jennifer North. “It has been heartwarming to see so much support from the Ottawa community over the past few years – in just two years we collected almost 6000 pairs of shoes.”  Each year since the first shoe collection in 2005, Sole Responsibility has consulted with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to determine the area of greatest need. For the third year in a row the shoes will be collected for distribution to the refugees from Darfur.  "Providing footwear is not on our list of essential items for keeping people alive," said UNHCR Spokesperson, Nanda Na Champassak, “but it was evident from a previous distribution report that for refugee youths burdened by darkness and violence, it was like a talisman of hope."  To help raise the money needed to ship shoes to Africa, Sole Responsibility is launching the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Campaign, an on-line auction for quality time with community leaders and celebrities such as Michael Potter, Stephen Beckta, and Ed Broadbent.